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To show the universality of the highest spiritual experience, we may observe that Mystics from East and West inculcate the same mystical teaching.

Nimbargi Sampradaya

Sampradaya ( Sam - Pra - Daya) is a spiritual journey, a spiritual tradition that starts with a Sadguru and is carried forward by his disciples. Nimbargi Sampradaya is one of such great sampradayas. This Sampradaya originated with the great saint of Nimbargi who lived in 19th century and this spiritual tradition was continued at place by the name 'Inchageri' by Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj of Umdi and by Shri Amburao Maharaj Of Jigajivani. Later it was carried on at 'Nimbal' under the benign and inspiring guidance of *Gurudev R.D.Ranade. (Gurudev=Revered Preceptor)


In "Upanishad rahasya", one of the books written by Shri Gurudev Ranade, there is a reference that, in his first house built in 1925 he started Nimbal Ashram.

Sadguru Vachana

Saint Ramadas has emphasized that knowledge of true God could be imparted to us by the grace of Spiritual teacher. Ramadas swami has described this ignorant people as fools who do not know that true god cannot be found in the metals, in stones, in clay, in pictures or in the wood.