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Nimbargi Sampradaya

Sampradaya ( Sam - Pra - Daya) is a spiritual journey, a spiritual tradition that starts with a Sadguru and is carried forward by his disciples. Nimbargi Sampradaya is one of such great sampradayas.

This Sampradaya originated with the great saint of Nimbargi who lived in 19th century and this spiritual tradition was continued at place by the name 'Inchageri' by Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj of Umdi and by Shri Amburao Maharaj Of Jigajivani. Later it was carried on at 'Nimbal' under the benign and inspiring guidance of *Gurudev R.D.Ranade. (Gurudev=Revered Preceptor)

Now a Days, a lot of spiritual gatherings called as 'Sadhan Saptahas' and other spiritual functions, which include Nem (meditation), Bhajans (Spiritual melodies) and Spiritual discourses, are carried out at Shri Gurudev Ranade Ashram, Nimbal (R.S). Nimbal map click here.

This website is for the purpose of a brief introduction to this legendary Nimbargi Sampradaya by giving brief information on important aspects within the sampradaya, this website contains information related to Philosophy of Gurudev Ranade, Importance of Initiation (Nam Anugraha), Meditation & Books, Bhajans, Wallpapers etc.

The website is dedicated with deep devotion at the feet of Sadguru Shri Gurudev Ranade & His Ashram at Nimbal.

Hoping that, this website will offer best help for people who want to know more about Philosophy and spirituality, about Nimbargi Sampradaya and Shri Gurudev Ranade & those who want to get initiated and follow the Sacred path of God - Realisation. Those who are intrested in getting initiated and want to follow the spiritual path shown by a Sadguru are heartly welcome at Nimbal to join the Sampradaya. For more details contact here.

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Spiritual Article - Sadguru Vachana

Saint Ramadas has emphasized that knowledge of true God could be imparted to us by the grace of Spiritual teacher. Ramadas swami has described this ignorant people as fools who do not know that true god cannot be found in the metals, in stones, in clay, in pictures or in the wood. People vainly worship deities in their households or go for pilgrimages or try to find them in different incarnations, but fail to understand that this incarnations are dead and gone.

Events at Nimbal Ashram, 2016

Param Pujya Nimbargi Maharaj Punyatithi Saptaha : 17 April to 19 April  2016

Param Pujya Gurudev Ranade Punyatithi Saptaha : 11 June to 15 June  2016

Shravanmas Naamsadhana Saptaha : 3 August to 1 September  2016

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Nimbargi Maharaj
Bhausaheb Maharaj
Amburao Maharaj
Gurudev Ranade

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Nimbargi Sampradaya
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