List of English Books on Gurudev R.D.Ranade by other Authors

Sr. No.               T i t l e                                                                        

1       Glimpses of Shri Gurudeo Ranade.            

2       Prof,R.D.Ranade. as a Teacher & Author.                                         

3       Prof.R.D.Ranade as a Mystic .         

4       Critical & Const.Aspect                                  

5       Thus speaks Gurudeo Ranade .                  

6       Gurudeo Ranade Biography  & Mysticism. 
7       The Divine name in the Indian Tradition. 

8        Gurudeo R.D.Ranade .                

9        Pathway to God in Vedas.    

10     Dhyana   Gita. 
11     Sociology of Religion.        

12     Pillars of Nimbargi Sampradaya.    

    Sant Bodhamrut     


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