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Brief History

In "Upanishad rahasya", one of the books written by Shri Gurudev Ranade, there is a reference that, in his first house built in 1925 he started Nimbal Ashram.

In 1942 near the first house i.e the current building of the Nimbal Ashram, he built a another house for himself to stay. After Gurudev passed away in 1957, His SAMADHI (Holy tomb), ritually built in Year 1960 in the current Ashram.

Until 1979; Matoshree Sitabai Ranade, known amoung devotees as 'Kakusaheb' (Gurudev's wife) looked after all the affairs related to Gurudev Ranade Ashram, Nimbal.

Please Note :
You should intimate ashram about your arrival date, time and number of people, and days of stay in advance.
Lunch is available only up to 1.30 p.m. Hence if you are arriving after that you should have lunch on the way.
Days of initiation are Monday, Thursday and Saturday. You cannot get initiated on any other days. Hence if you intend to get initiated, you should plan your travel accordingly.

Sadhana Followed by all the Sadhaka's at Gurudev Ranade Ashram, Nimbal Everyone coming to the Ashram is expected to follow the Sadhana strictly.

The everyday Sadhana followed in Nimbal Ashram is as follows:
1)From 3.30 AM to 5.30 AM Dhyana. From 5.30AM to 6AM Kakad Aarti (Holy prayer & Bhajan sung in the early morning).
2)From 8. AM to 12.AM Dhyan. From 12.AM to 12.30PM Bhajan & Aarti.
3)From 2.30 PM to 4PM Dhyan. From 4.30 PM to 6.00PM Satsanga, bhajan & Aarti.
4)From 7.PM to 8.PM Dhyan.
5)From 8.30PM to 10.PM Bhajans & Aarti.

* Visitors who have not taken the NAM (spiritual name) / or are just visiting the Ashram. For more details Contact here

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Nimbargi Maharaj
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Gurudev Ranade

Nimbargi Maharaj
Bhausaheb Maharaj
Amburao Maharaj
Gurudev Ranade

Nimbal Ashram

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Nimbargi Maharaj
Bhausaheb Maharaj
Amburao Maharaj
Gurudev Ranade



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