Spiritual extracts from the book 'Thus Spake Gurudev'

The Centre of the Universe

Man is but a speck when compared to Earth, the Earth is but a speck when compared to the Solar system, and the Solar system vanishes before the Universe! How ridiculous would it then be, to suppose that the center of this infinite Universe is restricted to any place! Men had rather die with shame, than entertain such a foolish idea!

Where then is the center of the Universe? Everywhere. Every particle of this infinite Universe is its Centre! Every particle of water, every particle of wind, every particle of matter is its center or we had better say hides it's Centre. The Centre is rather in the particles than the particles themselves! The particles may perish, but the Centre does not. It is a indestructible, imperishable without end and without beginning! Weapons cannot pierce it, fire cannot burn it…

Again they endow the Centre of the Earth with the power of attracting everything on its surface – with the power of gravitation. How far, then, would this be true of the Centre of the Universe? How powerful would the gravitation of this Centre be? Conception fails to make an estimate of the force with which all creation gravitates towards the presiding element! The presiding element is everywhere. The Universe is but an infinite circle with its Centre everywhere, and the circumference nowhere!

These are extracts taken from "Thus spake Gurudev", a book containing various writings, letters and talks by Sadguru Shri Gurudev Ranade.

Article uploaded on 06 October 2013.

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