" To realize God for one self and for others is and should be the end of human life."

Man's business is only to rest in God and carry on His work without asking any thing from him. let the body be delivered over to God and God will do as He pleases. The path to God is not a easy one. The highest tortures have to be experienced before we attain to God -head. man should search God to end misery. For spiritual life one must have good moral life, one should be initiated by a competent spiritual realized teacher who initiates the sadhakas with a divine name endowed with divine powers. As a student practices sadhana he would get experiences and in the end he will be free from death, he can achieve this in his birth alone. To attain to this stage a disciple should meditate on the divine name of God uttered to him by his spiritual teacher. In short Gurudev's philosophy rests on "Nema" or meditation with devotion and following the moral life in letter and spirit .H.H. Gurudev's aim is "One Religion, One God and One World" and this is only possible when the divine society is formed. The following part is taken from 'Thus spake Gurudev Dr. R.D.Ranade'( Selections from his writings )

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Is it not wonderful that people should keep repeating that there is no God when God has filled this world in and out ? Is it not their misfortune that makes them say that God is not ? That one should fall in the well of nectar and try to rid himself out of it; what can we say about such a man except that he is unfortunate ? The blind man is moving from place to place for a single morsel of food and he is kicking aside with his feet the wish - jewel that has happened to come in his way simply because in his blindness he cannot see. If this people were to open their eyes a little and look at the nature, they will soon find themselves convinced about God's existence. Do they not see omnipotence everywhere ? And must it not convince them about God's existence ? That the sky can envelope everything, or the wind move ceaselessly on, or that the fire should burn, or that the rain should quench the ground; that the mountains should not move from their places; that the oceans must not over reach its bounds; that the earth must bear the burden of all creatures, that are on its surface; is not all this due to His orders ?Next Page



Gurudeo Ranade Nimbal