With his great powers, what can He not do ? God, indeed, is the universal mover. He moves the body as well as the universe. Who makes this body move ? Who can make us speak except God Himself ? It is God only that can make us hear or see.......He it is who can make even the leaf of the tree move..........God has filled the whole universe inside and outside. What can be lacking to Him in His universal presence? Man's business is just to rest in God and to carry on His work without asking anything from Him. Let the body be delivered to God and God will do as He pleases. He is the support of the world and will bring about the proper thing at the proper moment....We should have no other belief except this. God is all powerful and can achieve anything whatsoever. Why need a man care for any thing at all? He pervades the universe and directs the will. What can He not accompanish?

The only Hope for Humanity

The world is torn with dire conflicts today. there is no hope for humanity except on the basis of spiritual experience, whose power, when writ large upon the world, can assuage acerbated feelings, reconcile warring interests and make humanity a true mirror of peace, joy and glory which is in God. (message) It is only when all the humanity comes to recognize the Spiritual Principle, which underlies all things, that we can bring about harmony between different creeds, nations and races.

Religious Platform

I hold that there is perfect reconciliation between the discoveries of science and the truths of religion. Science merely deals with the work of God. It supplements instead of supplanting religion. But I would not have mere scientific or the mere economic spirit prevail. Let not an age of pure scientists, pure economists, and pure calculators prevail; and let not the glory of India be extinguished forever. Religion asks from you merely the consent of the heart, a mere touch of the love of God. I don't understand how this can come in the way of pure activity. It would serve only to strengthen the activity and not to weaken it. This is the only secure platform upon which the building of India's activities can be raised. Take it away, and the building will tumble down in no time. Substitute another foundation and you will find the building will be raised on mere stubble.

Goal of Human Life

Knowledge have taken immense strides with the growth of time. Scientific inventions have enormously enriched the partmony of man. The old order has changed and the new order has taken its place. Nevertheless, the goal of human life as well as means for its attainment have remained the same. Unquestionably, the search after God remains the highest problem even today, and a philosophical justification of our spiritual life is as necessary today as it was hundreds of years ago.Next Page



Gurudeo Ranade Nimbal