Spiritual Teacher

The miracle-monger is called a Guru ,but he alone is a real Guru who leads to liberation.....He who instills in to our mind the light of the self and dispels the darkness of ignorance, he who brings in to unison the individual and the universal selves --he alone is entitled to be called a Guru. He alone ,who relieves people of the sufferings and takes them out of the meshes of illusion, is entitled to be called a Guru....He possesses immseulate self knowledge, and the satisfaction of a determinate life in the self. To add to these ,he must have extreme dispassion, and his actions should be censure. With him spiritual discussion must be a constant pastime; for him the distinguishment between the falls and the true must always take place. He uplifts the world and becomes and exemplar for the various kinds of Bhakti. Inwardly, there must be self-illumination; outwardly, there must be devoted Bhajana, whereby alone he leads his disciples to spiritual happiness.

Worship of the Guru

Let me make my heart the seat for the Guru and let me place upon my Guru's feet. Let all my senses sing the chorus of unity and throw upon the feet of the Guru a hand full of flowers of praise. Let me apply to the feet of Guru a finger full of sandal ointment, made pure by the consideration of identity. Let me put upon his feet the ornaments of spiritual gold....Let me place upon them the eight - petalled flower of joy. Let me burn the essence of egoism, wave the lights of self- annihilation and cling to the feet of the Guru with feeling of absorption.

These are extracts taken from "Thus spake Gurudev", a book containing various writings, letters and talks, also included are more spiritual selections.



Gurudeo Ranade Nimbal