Initiation in Nimbargi Sampradaya at Nimbal Ashram

After Gurudev left his mortal coil, in order to satisfy aspirants who wish to tread the pathway to God and become disciples of Gurudev, the methodology was finalized by his senior spiritual brothers, which has been followed hitherto.

The aspirant approaches Nimbal Ashram, where a designated person explains the process of initiation and guides the aspirant. The aspirant is then asked to write the name on which they would like to meditate on a piece of paper.

Next, the aspirant is taken to Gurudev’s Samadhi, where the holy relics of Gurudev are kept. The paper with the aspirant’s chosen name is placed on the Samadhi, and the aspirant is instructed to pray to Gurudev with utmost devotion, seeking acceptance as his disciple and the blessings of His Grace. The aspirant also reads out the oath written on the paper, which emphasizes living a high moral life and forms the foundation of Gurudev’s spiritual path.

Afterward, the aspirant picks up the paper with the chosen name and, having read it once more, proceeds to the Samadhi Mandir (meditation hall) to begin meditating on the name with unwavering faith.

All disciples who follow this process are blessed with divine vision, peace, happiness, and tranquility.

The Divine Name is to be kept secret, and the disciple is instructed to meditate on it without changing or adding any word or letter.

Gurudev once said, “We believe in the physical transmission of spiritual energy.” Gurudev’s Samadhi continuously generates and disseminates an inexhaustible supply of this energy for future generations. This is the miraculous power of Nimbal Ashram.

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