Meditation – Patient Practice

The following article is taken from the book ‘Thus spake Gurudev Ranade’

If you cannot deliver your heart immediately to the God, then at least do this ; think of God at least for a moment during the 24 hours of the day. Then every moment you will spend in the enjoyment of God’s happiness, will be a help to you in taking your mind away from sense. As when the Autumn sets in the river dwindles, similarly, your mind will gradually go out of the bonds of Samsara : and as, after the full moon day, the disc of the moon diminishes everyday, until it vanishes altogether on the new moon day, similarly, as your heart will go out of the objects of sense and begin to enter in the being of God, it will gradually end by becoming God.

Nama is a symbol that carries with it divine power. And nema ( meditation) is the process of identification with the infinite. If we have got this aeroplane, we may rise to any height. The grace that would descend on account of our Nama – Smarana ( meditation on name) would accelerate our progress.(Talks)

You can have your personal ‘Nama’ (divine name) i.e. get initiated at Nimbal.

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