East and West



‘East and West’ features a collection of articles published in the renowned journal ‘The Modern Review’ in the early 1900s. The book includes an essay by Prof. Ranade, critiquing the philosophy of Prof. Hardayal. The articles showcase a dialogue among three talented young scholars – Hardayal, Divatia, and Ranade – who deeply cared about India and its representation in the modern world. While Hardayal expressed frustration about India’s prominence, Divatia and Ranade defended Indian philosophy and values. Ranade’s response stands as an authoritative defense of Indian philosophy, emphasizing its spiritual aspects and its potential to unite East and West. The book offers valuable insights into developing a worldview and understanding the relevance of Indian philosophy in today’s world. The editor, Sharad Joshi, and the publisher, ACPR, have done a commendable job in compiling these articles for readers. Foreword by Dr. Ashwini Mokashi, Phd. Oxford, UK.

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