Company of the Devotees of God

As Gurudev says ” The friend of God binds his love with gods love and behaves only in a manner which would be approved by God.”

He also insisted meetings with the sadhakas very often and asked all to attain saptaha when ever possible for the ‘Satsanga’ company of the sadhakas is necessary for spiritual progress . Revered Gurudev used to have “sitting” sessions for this purpose when he attended full sessions and guided the sadhakas where it was necessary. Physical company is not possible but one should develop virtues to become a Sadhakas, with the help of ” Nama Mantra”.

It is in a way a company of ‘Satsanga’ sadhakas may exchange their views and spiritual experiences which may be shared by all. The Satsanga is essentially very important to read the path of spiritual life.

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