Saint Ramadas has emphasized that knowledge of true God could be imparted to us by the grace of Spiritual teacher. Ramadas swami has described this ignorant people as fools who do not know that true god cannot be found in the metals, in stones, in clay, in pictures or in the wood. People vainly worship deities in their households or go for pilgrimages or try to find them in different incarnations, but fail to understand that this incarnations are dead and gone. The reason why we do not pensive this reality according to Samarth Ramadas is that – untruth has a very great power over us. What is untrue appears to us as true. What is true appears to be untrue. 

Samarth Ramadas has identified real knowledge is self-knowledge. Vision of the self by the self. Real knowledge consists in knowing true God, in recognizing his external forming, in establishing the real form from the unreal. Mythologists do not treat of this knowledge. The Vedas fail to attain to it. Samarth Ramdas has observed that knowledge of true god could be imparted to us by the grace of a great spiritual teacher. Samarth has further remarked that by the grace of my spiritual teacher, I can dispense with the study of the Vedas and the study of all kind of learning. My guru’s grace has fallen upon me without any effort on my part. By guru’s grace, I have reached – contentment. Instruction of my guru is my Vedanta. The instruction of my guru is my final intellectual theorem. The instruction of my guru is my personal conviction. By the words of my lord, I have attained the complete contentment. This indeed is a secret of my heart. This is the golden message of great saint Ramadas that should be followed and practiced by all devotees in the treading the spiritual path.

The words of realized saints are the words of God. God is obliged to fulfill the every word spoken by a sadguru. I would like to conclude this article by repeating the golden message by samarth Ramadas :

The instruction of my Sadguru is my Vedanta 

The instruction of my Sadguru is my final intellectual theorem.

The instruction of my Sadguru is my personal conviction

(Source: Mysticism in Maharshtra, written by Shri Gurudev R. D. Ranade)

Note: the Examples given in the original literature are not been included, this is an extract taken from “Smaranika”, published on the “Namanugraha shatabdi sohala, 1901 – 2001, at Nimbal”

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