Memories of Shri Amburao Maharaj


Memories of Shri Amburao Maharaj, encompasses recollections and accounts related to the life, teachings, and experiences of revered Saint Sadguru Shri Amburao Maharaj. These memories offer valuable insights into his life and the profound impact he had on his followers and the humanity. Sadguru Shri Amburao Maharaj, affectionately known as Shri “Baba,” meaning “Father”, served as a protector and spiritual guide to his disciples, instilling unwavering faith in God.

English Translation of the Marathi book श्री अंबुराव महाराज यांच्या आठवणी
compiled by Pujya Shri G.V. (Kakasaheb) Tulpule

About the book:
🌟 Discover the timeless wisdom and spiritual insights of Param Pujya Sadguru Shri Amburao Maharaj in this captivating collection of memories and teachings. In this cherished volume, 65 of the memories are of a profound nature, providing spiritual guidance, while 15 delve into the realm of biography. 📚
Memories are divided into below sections:
🙏 Part 1 – Ethics and Dispassion (Pages 51-62)
🌿 Part 2 – Spiritual Guru and Disciple (Pages 64-72)
📿 Part 3 – The Significance of the Divine Name (Pages 75-79)
🌌 Part 4 – Enlightenment to the Seekers (Pages 82-96)
🌅 Part 5 – Self-realization (Pages 100-112)
🌺 Part 6 – Shri Baba’s Character based memories (Pages 114-130)
📖 Part 7 – Teachings of Shri Amburao Maharaj (Pages 132-134)

Translated by Chinmay Dharwadkar

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